Grab the boarding pass by the horns

Right, if we’ve forgotten to pack something, it’s too late now. We’ll just have to fashion it out of spit and Cecropia leaves when we get there.

People sometimes ask me how I manage travelling with MS and even why I bother to go to all the trouble in the first place. I guess in answer to the first question, the fact that I throw my pride to the wind and accept any bit of help available plays a large part. There is no way I’m going to let a long walk to a departure gate keep me at home when it can easily be fixed by booking wheelchair assistance. Any stress involved with going through security, finding the gate, and boarding is taken away. No one at the airport knows me from Adam so why should I care what they think?

One thing about our trips that has changed in recent years is the class in which we travel. In our youth, (my pre-diagnosed days) cheap-as-chips backpacker hostels were the order of the day. Now we book places with a little panache, or where this isn’t available, at least with a working fridge. Thinking about it though, I wonder whether this has anything to do with how we split trip logistics, Fiennes covers transport whilst I book accommodation?

Our trips are also flexible enough so that I can do diddly squat with a nice view if I need/want to, all without the worry of whether Fiennes is suitable occupied. A good thing about birding is that it’s never done at high speed (unless en route to a twitch but I’ve mostly beaten that out of Fiennes by now). Trails are traversed at my kind of pace, i.e. slowly. Some might even call it dawdling as a large portion involves standing still – as I said, it’s perfect.

As to why bother, why wouldn’t you? Travelling and experiencing new things is in my blood and Fiennes is the same but exponentially so. It’s been 13 years since my MS diagnosis and I realise that I’ve been very lucky – my level of disability could be a helluva lot worse by now. I know there may come a day when I can’t do long haul trips or even trips full stop, so until that time comes, I’m going to grab my boarding pass by the horns and not let go. And sod the house renovations we should be spending the money on, that can wait!

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